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[27 Oct 2016] A New Stone for Sport Climbing into the SEA Games Again

Mid of this month SEACF's president has visited SEA Games Federation General Secretary Mr Low Beng Choo in KL in his office in Olympic Commitee of Malaysia (OCM).

The aim of the meeting is to discuss membership of SEACF into SEAGF, as per SEAGF Articles, it is compulsary to any sport to register to the federation before compete as medal sport in the SEA Games.

Of course this effort could be supproted by the SEACF members in their own countries, especially for PMM as SEACF member to approach Ministry of Youth and Sport or OCM, in addition to it we hope the climbing communities in Malaysia keep on doing all necessary to show that our beloved sport is also popular in Malaysia because popularity of the sport is a key factor for the inclusion.

Image: Rimau, SEA Games 2017 Mascot

[10 Sep 2016] New 8a at Gua Batu Damai Extreme Park by Deden

At his second day (10/9) in KL Deden cretaed a new 8a route titled Den Yen located inside the roof of big cave. The route has 8 bolts 18m length. In bolting the route he got assistance from Yin of PMM. Bolting only took 90 minutes from start to end.

Deden hope could be back to be the first accender of the route, unless home climbers could do it soon. 

[09 Sep 2016] Indonesian Climber Bolting the Firtst Route at New Cliff at Batu Cave

Deden Wahyudin today succesfully made a new climbing route in the new cliff at a side of Batu Cave founded by PMM's veteran climber Man. The route given name as Deden-Hadi located in the mid part of the cliff. The 20m route grade is 5.11d which is consist of 10 (ten) fix hangers bring by Deden himself from Indonesia. 

The cliff rise about 50-60m located just 200m behind Batu Cave Station has not have any name yet  potentially has dozen of routes with variety grade 7a - 8a. PMM hope in the coming time some Malaysian climbers could go on to bolt some good routes there.

[09 Sep 2016] President's Visit to PMM

SEACF's President Hj Rasip Isnin met with Roy (PMM GenSec) yesterday (8/8) discussing some programs plan for 2017 in Quality Hotel City Center, KL. The president said that there will be some activities such as climbing gathering and courses will be hosted by PMM. The meeting also attended by the federation's adviser Mr Maman Hermansyah from Indonesia.

One program in rock climbing will be held in Sabah to develop some climbing routes there which involved ASEAN climbing communities from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and of course from Malaysia. The program scheduled for around Jan next year. 

[30 Aug 2016] Sport Climbing in Olympic Tokyo 2020

Yes! Finanlly our beloved sport included in the Olympic Tokyo 2020. This good news come from IOC 129th Session held in Rio de Jeneiro at 3 August that sport climbing has approved to be a new sport in the Olympic Tokyo 2020.

This will challange all of us, climber and executive commitees of PMM, to make a preparation that will enable us to participate in the event, not only as spectators. At least we still have 3 years. Yes, we have to design a road map how to prepare climbers and the most important thing support from Malaysian sport bodies.

PMM will do his best hand in hand with other party in climbing community in the region such as SEACF and national federations member of SEACF such as held sport climbing circuit that will make our climber be more competitive in the international level.